The little black book

Charity shops  


Chadwell Heath

Debra, High Road, Chadwell Heath. This is a good charity shop and I often find some interesting pieces in here. It is quite small, but if your in the area its worth a look. I recently found an amazing 1980’s vintage dress. It’s electric blue with silver lurex running through. It was £8.00 which I think is expensive for a charity shop but it looked like it had hardly been worn. They sell women’s, men’s clothing as well as bags, and jewellery. There prices vary but I would say they are reasonable most of the time. A coat will be between £4-6 and a dress £3.50-8 depending on where it is from. Shoes are £5.00-6.

Latin Smile, High Road Chadwell Heath. This is one of the best charity shops EVER. I love the Spanish man who works there and I chat to him all of the time. He and his wife have persuaded me to learn Spanish and go to Peru. This has some fantastic vintage pieces from America. This is a true gem of a shop. I recently purchased a 1970’s maxi dress for £5.00 and an  American baseball jacket for £1.00. They always have something amazingly weird for me to buy in there. The prices are fair if not a little cheap. Sometimes the tickets say “name your price” so you make him an offer.


The Salvation Army, Romford, Essex. This is a great little charity shop. I make sure that I visit this one at least once a week. They have new things out on a weekly basis. The shop is tidy therefore everything is easy to find. I have to say this charity shop still has an old fashioned feel which I happen to like. They have a £1 rail which always has some naff Granddad jumpers which I also like. I have found some great vintage pieces in this shop. They always have lots of hats and shoes so if this is what you are looking for you might be in for a little treat. They sell women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, jewellery, accessories, brick-a-brack and toys.  The prices are reasonable, coats and shoes cost between £4-£5 and a dress can range from £3-£5.

Oxfam, Romford, Essex. I love this charity shop because they always have really unusual pieces in there. Admittedly the vintage pieces are a little bit pricey but you will find stuff that is weird and wonderful. They actually have a vintage section so you don’t have to search through endless rails if retro is what your looking for. I actually try on some crazy pieces in this one, I recently found a gorgeous 1970’s full length dress. They often have stuff that you could also use for fancy dress if you don’t want to hire an outfit. They have a great glass case full of jewellery (this is where I got the brass choker). They sell women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, jewellery, vintage, records, books and brick a brack. The prices in here are a bit high but it’s always worth a look as they have lots of interesting goodies. Prices range between £4-5 for a shirt, £5-8 for shoes and £5-8 for a dress.

St Frances Hospice, Hornchurch, Essex. This is my favorite charity shop in this area, I always find interesting pieces in this one. All of the clothing is colour coded so that it is easy to find what you want at a quick glance. There is a lot of choice and the rails are always well stocked. They sell women’s, men’s, bridal, and children’s clothing as well as accessories.  They have an upstairs area completely dedicated to bridal wear which is always worth a quick peek as they have some vintage beaded dresses and some really cool hats up there. I have in the past found some great flower head pieces and tiaras in the bridal section. The prices in this shop are really reasonable. I recently paid £2.50 for a full length vintage skirt and the same for a sparkly vest top. The shoes are normally about £5.00 as are the coats.




A great little charity shop, it still has quite an old fashioned feel which makes me like it so much more. Admittedly it is not that big but I have recently found some amazing vintage bits in here. This is the sort of charity shop where you will have to rummage so if you don’t like doing that avoid this one. One of the ladies that works here has the loudest laugh ever! They have a large section for womenswear, ladies shoes and jewels, not quite as mush for the boys though. They also sell some cool old glass wear and china. The prices are reasonable, I have just purchased a fabulous vintage  fringed wool coat from here and I just love it! It was £5.00 which is a bargain if you ask me. I also got a vintage Topshop blazer for £5.00 and a sparkly top for the festive season for £3.00 so all in all a good shop.



3 Responses to The little black book

  1. Clare Poole says:

    You should pop to Epping sometime they have some great charity shops there

  2. Susan says:

    Upminster also has a few worth a look!

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