My thrifting has gone global!


I haven’t written anything in a long time because I have been preparing for a long trip around South East Asia. I was going to take a break from the blog and just continue to update my thrifty finds when I returned… But as it turns out I have been shopping just as much here as at home. I have been taking some beautiful photo’s along the way so I thought I would share them… and I know my Nan looks forward to seeing my compulsive purchasing.

I only get limited internet access so my Asia updates may be somewhat sporadic, better than nothing though?

I am currently in Thailand. It is beautiful here and there are hundreds of markets selling lots of unusual local craft, as well as the shabby knock off’s. I don’t know how you feel about ‘Crock’s’  yes the  weird looking non sandal, non shoe or trainer… Although they do serve a purpose; they protect your feet but keep them cool, without being ‘cool’. Saying that they are ‘all the rage’ here. They come in every shape and form. The shoe that I would not be seen dead in (even if they are functional) comes in the standard slip on (as we recognise it), as well as a shoe (this style reaches the ankle), a boot (past the ankle bone), ones with ears, lace up, the list goes on. This style is it’s own subculture!

Although I am not sure there is a huge market in the UK for ‘New age Crock’s’… We are a spoilt bunch, with our even ground that we so flippantly walk on!  But they look great all lined up military style! I’m getting a pair with cats ears…