Psychedelic dream







A gorgeous dress for a £1.00. I found this bargain cast aside on the £1.00 rail. Plonked outside, almost like no one would want it. I couldn’t believe my luck! The retro print is brilliant! I love dresses with pockets too. This dress has huge pockets. I think it’s 1970’s possibly late 1960’s, but either way, a good little find.

Dress £1.00 Saint Francis Hospice




Tasty 1980’s power blazer from Saint Francis Hospice



This a the finest shade of red there is! This bright postbox red is one of my complimentary colours. Tartan, £2.50, and bright. It’s a serious 1980’s power blazer, love it! When I found this blazer I decided to look at the different types of tartan that are out there. Thinking to myself there would be only a few but there is actually hundreds. Tartan as we all know is particularly associated with Scotland and the kilt. I think this jacket is inspired by a the MacDonell of Keppoch Modern tartan which is a predominantly green and orange tartan. MacDonell was was the most frequently registered ‘Mac’ name in Scotland (a little fact for you). For me tartan is very much a timeless fashion purchase. This jacket brings a simple t-shirt and jeans to life, just add some matching lippy! If you see tartan and your brave enough to wear it… get it!

Cancer Research Winchester


I have decided that my second hand research is going across the UK (and hopefully the world, i’m thinking big). I am now going to try and go to a different town every week and I will you show the amazing pieces that I have found as soon as I have time to. So this week I was thrift hunting in Winchester…

What a charming place! It’s old fashioned England, with it’s cobbled streets and winding roads. There is lots of beautiful walkways and tunnels that take you to inspiring little places like books shops and churches.

My first stop was Cancer Research. As I was taking my photo’s I came across the sign “Make a difference, help save lives”. It made me think about what I was actually doing. Sorry to droan on about being a do-good-er but I think that everyone should go and buy something once a month in a charity shop as it really is a simple way of doing something good. Not only are you doing something good but you also get a lot of pleasure out of buying something that only you have. I defy anyone that says that ‘they can’t ever find anything in charity shops’. Like I always say there is so much out there to be found!

Found items: Jaeger jacket £5.00, Blazer (i’m wearing) £5.50, Coca Cola mirror £5.00, Mohair jumper £5.00, Cocktail dress £6.00, Brogues (River Island) £6.00 all of the items were vintage.

I was thinking of pairing the Mohair jumper with the cocktail dress… That Coca Cola mirror, love it!

Sequin top from the charity shop


Thought I would quickly upload this outfit before I go out…I love a bit of sparkle with baggy jeans and heels. I like laid back dressy!

Vintage sequin top £3.50 Saint Frances Hospice, boyfriend jeans £30 H&M, blue heels £5.00 The Salvation Army, Vintage disco ball earrings £1.50 Latin Smile, military coat £3.50 The salvation Army.