Hello you lovely lot!

I am a fashion teacher and jewellery designer. I have been shopping for second-hand gear for over 15 years so I suppose you could say that I am a specialist in that too.

OK so I really feel the need to splurge on some amazing expensive fashion pieces but I can’t afford it. I just love that feeling that you get when you buy something and you feel all pleased with yourself. And you know what… It feels even better when you got it in the sale. I always feel all happy with myself when my mates say “I love that dress where did you get it?” I nearly always say “charity shop” (smug feeling). I feel lucky to have found my treasured piece for half the price that everyone else paid. It’s this feeling that has driven me to shop in charity shops, boot sales, second-hand shops, sales and high street shops to create amazing looks for next to nothing.

I have over the years got to know the best places to shop to find some wicked fashion pieces. This is going to be my little black book, I will shop, review, tell you where to shop, and show you how to style it.

I think my second-hand shopping is becoming a bit of an obsession! I currently have five new bags of charity shop shopping on my bedroom floor waiting to see the world. There is so much out there waiting to be found!

I love to explore and I love to travel. The world is my oyster!

So this is me,

Love Ron x


7 Responses to About

  1. Grace says:

    Hi! I really love seeing all your thrifty finds and have nominated you for a blogging award, here is a link to your nomination:-


  2. giabutterfly says:

    do you have a website for your jewellery ?

    • Hello!
      Good to hear from you!
      Well I am currently working on a new collection, new name, new everything, but I do have some pieces from the last collection still. I have terminated the website but you can have a look at my facebook page ‘thelittlemagpiejewellery’ although I haven’t looked in a while. I’ll see if I can find a link to post to you. Other wise my new one will be re-launched soon.

  3. I really love your blog, and your amazing finds! I totally agree that op-shopping and getting a bargain makes you feel awesome! I have to say I feel the same when someone asks me where I got my jewellery/clothing from!

    • Hey!
      Good to hear from you! Thank you so much.
      I just love that feeling when people ask where you got something and you can say ‘charity shop’.
      My friends don’t even ask now… they just say “show us this weeks finds!”

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