Retro Leather from Oxfam




This dress was amazing original 1960’s. They don’t make them like they used to! I love it when I can say that phrase, more often used by a somewhat older generation that myself. As I spend ALOT of time in charity shops with old people, I hear this ringing in my ears quite often, but it is true. This dress has already lasted over 50 years and it clearly has lots of life left in it. The fantastic thing about it is that the bottom part is detachable, you know if you have one of those moments when you just want to show the world your knickers… well if so this is the dress for you. Or a separate mini skirt.

It was made from leather and fully lined with brass poppers. Priced at £25 so kind of expensive but I would say quite rare and excellent quality. Or maybe not that expensive compared to vintage shopping in say Camden. The late 60’s is my favourite era for fashion. I love everything about the summer of love!

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I just love this 1980’s skirt. The mix of leather, tassels and gathered ribbon sounds like a recipe for a curtain shop but stick this skirt with a little t-shirt, tucked in of course, hiding this lovely detail really isn’t an option, with a pair of vans for a day look. T-shirt and ankle books for laid back dressy. 80’s, tick, leather, tick, suede, tick, ribbon, tick, tassels  tick , pencil silhouette, tick. It was £20 but that skirt will go some, I would say it’s has years of wear in this little vintage number. Only problem… I am not a size 8.


About Caron Goldman
As a graduate of Fashion from UEL, I have been busy travelling the world and being inspired. Currently, I lecture Fashion, Design & Styling, Pattern Cutting, Construction, and Textiles. I blog about my passion for making jewellery and my fashion hunting adventures. You can follow my adventures and I promise to blog as much as time permits...... also, feel free to get in touch and recommend any charity shops where you've found little treasures. Happy Hunting!

3 Responses to Retro Leather from Oxfam

  1. Megan says:

    Love that dress and the mini skirt is such a great find too! Where do you do your shopping? You always find such great stuff! What was the size of the dress?

    • Hello Megan,
      I actually shop everywhere! I live in Essex where I shop in my local charity shops. I also go to small surrounding towns. I also go to some charity functions. What area do you live? I may be able to suggest some places that are close by. x

      The dress was about an 8

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