All you need is LOVE… and a bit of imagination… and some charity shopping






I don’t really buy into the whole Valentines thing, but I do like the idea of showing someone that you care, I am a little bit romantic…

I put together some bargains that I got from charity shops, markets and a bit of high street. Above is my gorgeous 1980’s vintage jacket from the Salvation Army. The graphic print is eye popping with the red and black combination, fabulous!  It cost a rather cheap £2.50. I love this piece as I wear it in the summer over denim shorts and in the winter over a jumper and jeans. The fluffy jacket below was from a little vintage sale that I went to over the weekend at The East End Thrift Store. It worked out to cost around £3.00. I feel like a ‘hug in a mug’ but I like it! The red frilly shirt below was also from the same sale and cost around the same price. It’s a lovely quality cotton shirt but those frills give it stand out factor, which is me all over. Image







Sunglasses £2.00 Primark

Snood £5.00 H&M

Pink fringed scarf £1.00 The Children’s Hospice

Lipstick Dior

Rose from my lovely Steven























This is two head pieces from London’s Spitalfields market. £1.00 each, the twisting you can do yourself!


To be creative is so much more thoughtful than to just buy something that costs £100’s. A little surprise idea with a VERY small price tag. £1.00 each. Happy Valentines!

Although I am still leaving this picture on the fridge…

 Stella McCartney, Falabella Shaggy Deer Fold Over Tote





About Caron Goldman
As a graduate of Fashion from UEL, I have been busy travelling the world and being inspired. Currently, I lecture Fashion, Design & Styling, Pattern Cutting, Construction, and Textiles. I blog about my passion for making jewellery and my fashion hunting adventures. You can follow my adventures and I promise to blog as much as time permits...... also, feel free to get in touch and recommend any charity shops where you've found little treasures. Happy Hunting!

3 Responses to All you need is LOVE… and a bit of imagination… and some charity shopping

  1. Susan says:

    I love your Valentine’s post, everything looks lovely on you and you look like you’re having fun!!! Made me feel all warm and cosy inside, haha!

  2. Thanks Susan! Good to hear from you. I do have lots of fun taking pictures, my photographer is great!

  3. Claire C says:

    Love heart sunglasses for the win! 🙂

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