All dressed up with odd socks


I went and had a look around the local charity shops yesterday with my lovely cousin. She was kind enough to take some pictures. Thanks Kerry! This dress looks like a 1980’s cocktail dress but it was actually from Oasis. The colour was amazing, I was thinking of teaming it with a leather jacket and cowboy boots for a more laid back look. It was £10 which is expensive for charity shops but it was in perfect condition. When I come across something in a charity shop that I think is expensive I ask myself how much would something similar be in Topshop. Then I normally just buy it.

After trying on lots of outfits that would be good for a night out Kerry and I decided it would be great to have a section on the blog about outfits that I have found for a night out. Or single pieces to look out for that you can mix with wardrobe staples to dress up. We had that Friday feeling.



We were on the way out when I spotted these beautiful trousers. When I picked them up I could feel that they were good quality. When I looked at the tag it said Pringle I was quite please with myself. They have such a lovely check. Admittedly they were a bit big but I wont let that put me off. They can be taken in so easily. Kerry suggested I put some heels on with them and the I found these lovely LK Bennett heels. Happy and Happy!

Blue cocktail dress (originally Oasis) £10 Oxfam, Pink sequin boob tube £2.00 Saint Francis Hospice, Pringle trousers £8.99, LK Bennett shoes £14.99 both Oxfam. Gold necklace and ring both £1.00 RSPCA, watch Micheal Kors.


About Caron Goldman
As a graduate of Fashion from UEL, I have been busy travelling the world and being inspired. Currently, I lecture Fashion, Design & Styling, Pattern Cutting, Construction, and Textiles. I blog about my passion for making jewellery and my fashion hunting adventures. You can follow my adventures and I promise to blog as much as time permits...... also, feel free to get in touch and recommend any charity shops where you've found little treasures. Happy Hunting!

3 Responses to All dressed up with odd socks

  1. I have just come across your blog and love it! I love a good charity shop, you can pick up some great bargains. I love the pringle trousers-I must say I am quite jealous!

    • Hey Katie,
      Thank you! It’s great to hear from you! I have so many amazing things to put on the blog. You should stick me on your follow list and check out the rest.
      I have to agree the Pringle trousers were amazing!

  2. Susan says:

    The boob tube is a BARGAIN! You can’t go wrong for £2!

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