Sequins for the circus!



I found a circus jacket! 

I have been blessed with a new charity shop in the local town where I live! It’s called Age UK and it has some amazing pieces. I found this jacket which I call my circus jacket, it’s vintage and it has sequins on it (I have rather a lot of garms that fit this description). I also found these daisy trousers which were only £3.50. I was only trying in the changing room but I think I will wear both pieces together. I love a mixed up looking outfit. So I have nearly a whole new outfit, I got my fashion fix for less than a tenner and I have given to the elderly… Shopping is so much better when it’s for a good cause! 


About Caron Goldman
As a graduate of Fashion from UEL, I have been busy travelling the world and being inspired. Currently, I lecture Fashion, Design & Styling, Pattern Cutting, Construction, and Textiles. I blog about my passion for making jewellery and my fashion hunting adventures. You can follow my adventures and I promise to blog as much as time permits...... also, feel free to get in touch and recommend any charity shops where you've found little treasures. Happy Hunting!

One Response to Sequins for the circus!

  1. Susan says:

    I’d like to see how the trousers and sequin jacket work together. Photo’s please!

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