Getting into the spirit of it; Happy Halloween!








BOOTS £15.00


BOOTS £15 BAG £4.00








Since it’s All Hallows Eve I thought that I would go and have a look in the charity shops (with spider sequins on face) to see what was going on. There was a really exciting feeling and lots of people out and about looking for last minute fancy dress costumes. All of the charity shops had decorated in the spirit of it too!

The charity shops are a great place to pick up pieces for fancy dress, all you need is a bit of imagination (or a photo of what you want to look like). There were lots of black Gothic dresses, shirts, masks and other interesting bits that could be a good way of creating an outfit on the cheap.

On my search today I found a great charity shop in Basingstoke called Sue Ryder. I found some amazing vintage pieces. The sequin dress above was actually priced at £20 but if you look at how unusual it is and how well made it is you would know it was worth it, the same dress in Camden would probably set you back 60-80 quid or more…

Look at the cowboy boots… They were £15 but they were proper vintage ones from the USA (them cowboys know how to make boots). These boots are now becoming harder to come by as there are more people looking in second hand shops now, so if you find some, snatch them!


About Caron Goldman
As a graduate of Fashion from UEL, I have been busy travelling the world and being inspired. Currently, I lecture Fashion, Design & Styling, Pattern Cutting, Construction, and Textiles. I blog about my passion for making jewellery and my fashion hunting adventures. You can follow my adventures and I promise to blog as much as time permits...... also, feel free to get in touch and recommend any charity shops where you've found little treasures. Happy Hunting!

5 Responses to Getting into the spirit of it; Happy Halloween!

  1. Ellie says:


  2. Susan says:

    The dress is lovely Caron xxx

  3. laurenosully says:

    your blog is wicked caron, didnt even know you studied fashion! if i actually had the money i was going to study it at uni but cant quite stretch that far? hahaa xxx

    • Thank you Lauren. If you ever get the chance to study you should I loved every minute of it. But there are lots of things you can learn yourself too, some people just have an eye for it! xx

      • laurenosully says:

        yeah id defo love to! you definately have an eye for it by the looks of things haha! i wanna get involved with fashion somehow just got to figure out what part 🙂 got plenty of time yet though 🙂 xxx

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